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Statelessness Program calls for end to gender discrimination in nationality law

In a recently published report, the Women's Refugee Commission and the Statelessness Program at Tilburg Law School call for an end to gender discrimination in nationality laws. Such gender discrimination arises when women cannot acquire, change, retain or pass on their nationality to their children and/or their spouses on an equal basis as men.

Twenty-nine countries around the world, 11 of them in the Middle East and North Africa, still have discriminatory nationality laws that make it impossible for women to transfer their nationality to their children, or to their non-national spouses. These laws render people stateless—and severely threaten their access to healthcare, education, jobs and even marriage.

In addition to the publication of a formal report two short films on statelessness have been created, as well as s photo essay and a blog, posted on Huffington Post. All of these and the report Our Motherland; Our Country. Gender Discrimination and Statelessness in the Middle East and North Africa can be found at www.womensrefugeecommission.org.