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New: Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law

Professor of European Environmental Law Jonathan Verschuuren's latest book is out: the Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law. This Research Handbook discusses the challenges brought about by the need to adapt to a changing climate. It considers how adaptation is necessary to address impacts resulting from the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere which is already unavoidable due to past emissions.

With adaptation policies around the world still in their infancy, the book examines the legal challenges and barriers to climate change adaptation and how they can be overcome. It brings together expert contributors to consider topics ranging across tort and insurance law, disaster law, water law, marine law, planning law, biodiversity law, green buildings, pollution control, displacement, agriculture and energy.

With its transnational and multilevel approach, the Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law will be an essential resource for academics in the field of climate change policy and law, policymakers and other government officials working on climate change, and NGOs working in the field of climate change.

Contributors include R.W. Adler, R. Byrne, M. Faure, M. Gromilova, K.H. Hirokawa, N. Jägers, R. Lyster, A.M. Pohrib, J. Rosenbloom, T. Stephens, A. Trouwborst, D. van Niekerk, J. Verschuuren, L.F. Wiley.

More information: www.e-elgar.com.