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Prof. dr. Maureen Sie

foto Maureen Sie

Maureen Sie's research interests are in philosophy of action, moral psychology and meta-ethics, specializing in moral responsibility, free will, self-control and the adaptive unconscious. Currently she is working on a chapter on implicit bias and moral responsibility, the importance of tokens of appraisal (sentiments) to our everyday moral practices, love as the source of morality and a scientific account of our conscience. More information: https://maureensie.wordpress.com.


From March 2017 onwards Maureen is appointed professor philosophy of moral agency at Tilburg School of Humanities. Before that she was professor of philosophical anthropology on behalf of the Socrates Foundation, at the Institute of Philosophy, Leiden University and (Associate) Professor of Meta-ethics and Moral Psychology at the department of Philosophy, Erasmus University in Rotterdam. From 2009 to 2014 she has led a small research-group funded by a personal grant of the Dutch Organisation of Scientific Research (Vidi), exploring the implications of the developments in the behavioural, cognitive, and neuroscience for our concept of moral agency, reasons-responsiveness (free will), and personal responsibility.