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Opening your own Dutch bank account

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Do I need a Dutch bank account?

In order to assist you with opening a Dutch bank account, Tilburg University has made an agreement with ABN AMRO Bank, which is one of the most popular banks in the Netherlands and is conveniently located in the Tilburg city center. International students can open an ABN AMRO International Student Account. The debit card can be used in every store in the Netherlands and also on the University campus.

The monthly account charges for this International Student Account are € 1.55. You will receive a bank account, debit card and access to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Unfortunately it is not possible for International Students to apply for a Credit Card.

ABN AMRO will be present at Tilburg University campus during the Registration Days in August 16 and August 17,2018.

The application process for opening a Dutch Bank Account (Fall semester 2018) will be available soon.

Closing your bank account

We kindly request you to close your Dutch bank account by ABN AMRO before you go back home. You can visit the ABN AMRO office to close your account at: Heuvelring 88, Tilburg. Please bring your passport to the ABN AMRO office.

Make sure that your balance has been reduced to € 0,00 before you close your account otherwise ABN AMRO cannot process your request. Also, please bring your home bank account number so that ABN AMRO can make a link between the two accounts. That way, ABN AMRO can contact your bank if needed.

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