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Excellence scholarships

The Excellence Scholarship is a grant scholarship that outstanding students can use to follow a Master’s program abroad, or a Research Master’s at Tilburg University. In creating this scholarship, Tilburg University aims to encourage students to gain experience abroad as degree-seeking students or to retain them for Tilburg University as Research Master's students.

Who is eligible?

Students who complete a full Bachelor's program (i.e. without exemptions) within the prescribed period of time, with a grade average of 8.5 or above. Students with and without entitlement to Dutch student grants & loans are eligible. Accordingly, this includes foreign students, and students over the age of 30. Part-timers and contract students are excluded.

Regarding the average grade, this must be a solid 8.5 or more; i.e. not a rounded off score and NOT a weighted average. Courses without credits or courses without a final grade will not count in this calculation. Where more than 180 credits are involved, non-mandatory subjects do not count. Students are permitted to retake examinations to get a better grade and thereby improve their average. However, all such grades must be awarded no later than 31 August.

For what purposes may the Excellence Scholarship be used?

The Excellence Scholarship may only be used for a two-year Research Master’s at Tilburg University or a Master’s program abroad. The scholarship can only be used for a foreign Master’s program if this will be the student's first experience studying abroad as a degree-seeking student. An exchange program does not count as a degree-seeking experience studying abroad. It follows from this that students who are not Dutch nationals cannot use the Excellence Scholarship to follow a foreign Master’s program. After all, they have already had a degree-seeking experience studying abroad – in the Netherlands. However, they can use the grant Scholarship for a two-year Research Master’s at Tilburg University.

Use of the Excellence Scholarship may be postponed for a period of one year, to allow students time to prepare for the Master’s program abroad, for example.

Conditions, funds available, and number of Excellence Scholarships

For students who started on 1 September 2014 with their Bachelor’s program, will probably don’t get a scholarship, because the availability of the scholarships depends on external funding.

For students who started on 1 September 2013 with their Bachelor's program, the following conditions, funds, and number of available Excellence Scholarships apply:

  1. Program completed within the prescribed period of time (i.e. you obtain your Bachelor's degree within three years)*
  2. Score an average of 8.5 for the mandatory program (180 credits), excluding exemptions. Compensation must be made for exemptions based on subjects passed prior to the Bachelor’s program in question.
  3. The Excellence Scholarship is up to € 3,500, for both a foreign Master’s program and a Research Master’s at Tilburg University.
  4. The maximum budget available is € 52,500, for 15 Excellence Scholarships. If fewer than 15 students obtain an average of 8.5 then the remaining Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students with grade point averages of between 8 and 8.5. The highest averages take precedence. If there are more than 15 Excellence Scholarships, then the funds awarded per capita will be reduced proportionally. For example, if 20 students obtain an 8.5 grade point average, then each student will receive € 2,625.

*If you incur officially sanctioned delays due to extenuating circumstances or administrative activities, be sure to contact the Dean of Students  in good time. The Dean of Students will determine whether or not you can still qualify for the Excellence Scholarship.

You can find details of the relevant conditions and procedure in the Students' Statute, App. 2 Profile Fund, Chapter 1, Article 11.


Students who are on track to meet the requirements can apply to the Dean of Students, during their second or third year.

N.B.: You do not have to wait until you have completed your third year. If you currently have a grade point average of 8.5 (or if there is a good chance that this will be your final result) you can apply right away! Full account will be taken of any resits taken to improve grades.