Administration and Money Matters

Problems paying tuition / weighted fees

Direct debit payments

Make sure that you have enough money in your account when payment of tuition or weighted fees is due. The dates on which payment is collected or has to be transferred can be found on the website. If you have insufficient funds in your account, the payment cannot be collected. This means that you have not fulfilled your obligation to pay.

If the university does not receive a payment in time or not the complete amount due, a reminder letter requesting payment of the outstanding tuition or weighted fees will be sent.

If the student fails to make full payment of the tuition or weighted fees due before the deadline of this reminder expires, the Head of Student Administration will terminate the student’s registration as of the second month following on the reminder. All tuition or weighted fees owed will remain due through the month you are deregistered.

Consequently, payment by direct debit will no longer be possible for you. This regulation is stated in Article 7.2 of the Registration and Tuition Fee Regulations.

How to pay the tuition fees / weighted fees in the future

You need to transfer the total tuition / weighted fees in full by personal remittance. Please use the financial details under “Personal Remittance” which you can find on this website. If you fall into arrears and fail to meet the payment deadline mentioned in the reminder, additional collection costs (incl. VAT) will be charged on top of the tuition or weighted fees owed. If you do not pay this total amount, all these additional costs will be added to your outstanding debt to Tilburg University and a debt collector will be engaged.

Arrears due to exceptional circumstances

If you realize that you will not be able to meet your scheduled payments on time due to exceptional circumstances, remember that in certain cases it may be possible to make special arrangements for payment.

The university defines exceptional circumstances as unforeseen circumstances beyond your control, such as illness or family problems. Financial problems do not qualify as exceptional circumstances. If you want to study, you know in advance that you have to set aside funds for this purpose; it is a fact of life that education costs money. Do not assume that if you start with insufficient funds, you will have the chance to earn enough money to pay for the rest during your studies; in practice, hardly anyone succeeds in doing so. Terminating your registration and earning enough money to fund your studies before you continue is your only realistic option under these circumstances.

The Student Desk can inform you whether you are entitled to a special payment arrangement. If exceptional circumstances apply in your case, an appointment with a student counselor will be made for you. Since you need to provide proof of exceptional circumstances, you must bring supporting documents with you to that appointment. Please be aware that it will take some time to make the necessary arrangements.

If the Dean of Students decides in your favor, the Registration Office will draw up a special payment agreement for you. In all cases, the tuition or weighted fees for the academic year in question must be paid by July 1.

Consequences of arrears

If you do not pay the overdue installment on time, your registration will be terminated. You will no longer be allowed to take classes or sit examinations and you will lose access to your webmail, Blackboard, and other facilities, as well as your entitlement to student grants and loans and your student travel pass.

Once your registration has been terminated due to payment arrears, you can only renew your registration once you have paid the installments you owe, in addition to the rest of the tuition or weighted fees for the current academic year. In subsequent academic years, you will no longer be able to pay in installments, but you will have to pay your fees in a single payment. See Article 7.2 in the ''Registration and Tuition fees regulations''

Once registration has been terminated, it is NO LONGER possible to make special arrangements for payment.