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Halve tuition fees for first year bachelor's students

On 10 July, the Senate approved the legislation to halve tuition fees for first-year students. This means that students who pay the statutory fee and start a Bachelor's program for the first time in September 2018 will pay €1030 for the first twelve consecutive months.

Please note: this only applies during the first 12 months after your first enrollment. If you end your program halfway through and switch to another program in September 2019, the first 12 months are over and you pay the full amount as of September 2019.

The same applies to the first 24 months of a Bachelor's program for teachers. This does not apply to the academic teacher programs at Tilburg University.

More information is available on the Dutch Government website.

Pilot Flexible studying

As of the academic year 2017-18 it is possible on certain conditions for student entrepreneurs, informal carers and student athletes, who pay the statutory fee, to participate in a pilot project on Flexible Studying. For a program of at least 30 ec and at the most 42 credits, they pay partial statutory fee, depending of the amount of chosen credits, plus an administrative fee of 15%. More information.

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