Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University

Tilburg University has already inspired many students and entrepreneurs, one of whom is former student Ruud Schippers, founder of JAMwerkt.nl. You can find out more about him in this video. Are you going to be the next person who gets inspired?

Learn about entrepreneurship

Do you have a business idea, or have you encountered a problem you want to solve? Would you like to start your own business, or take over a business? Or are you someone who sees opportunities everywhere and is always eager to start something new? Then entrepreneurship education is perfect for you.

An entrepreneurial mindset is key to anyone’s career, whether it is as an employee within a firm or as a business owner. We at Tilburg University can help you grow this mindset within and outside of your curriculum. Would you like to find out more about entrepreneurship and develop your skills? Check out what we offer as part of the Bachelor and Master programs. You can take either a complete program, or separate courses.

Entrepreneurship education

During the Bachelor program

During the Master program