Preparation for your career

Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship

The Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship offers a Bachelor's minor and a Master's track that:

  • Prepare you to either start-up your own business or bring entrepreneurial thinking to established companies.
  • Combine inspiring lectures and case studies with online and offline skills training sessions.
  • Get you an 'Entrepreneurship' certificate.

Bachelor's minor in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship minor (18 ECTS) is open to all 3rd year Bachelor's students of Tilburg University and takes place in the first semester.

Core courses:

  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Corporate Entrepreneurship

Master's track in Entrepreneurship

The Master's track in Entrepreneurship (18 ECTS) is open to Master's students in Strategic Management that want to specialize in entrepreneurship.

Core courses:

  • Strategy Implementation
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

About the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship

Any dream of an entrepreneurial future has to start somewhere. And the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship (TCE, formerly the Brabant Center of Entrepreneurship) is a good place to begin. It’s here that new entrepreneurs develop their business knowledge and skills. An important initiative because the business world needs people with nerve, insight, and talent to create innovation.