Gaining work experience by doing an internship

Doing an internship gives you work experience and is regarded by employers as a valuable supplement to your degree program. In addition, it helps you find out whether that job or organization is really as enjoyable and right for you as you thought it was. During an internship, you gain a lot of practical knowledge while also and especially developing your skills and personal competencies. These are the selection criteria, in addition to the right degree program, that employers find important.

Take a look at the Career Portal for internships, among other things.

Possibilities and conditions per school

The possibilities and conditions for internships differ from one school to another. Contact the education office of your school more information about your options.

Finding an internship

There are various ways to find an internship post. You can use your own network or, for example, approach lecturers. Various lecturers, in addition to their post at the university, also work in the business sector or for a non-profit organization. The following websites can help you in your search for an internship post (websites will open in a new screen and are in Dutch , unless mentioned otherwise):

  • Career Portal: digital marketplace of Tilburg University for internships, among other things.
  • Integrand (English): offers internships in the Netherlands at a wide range of organizations, from local companies to multinationals.
  • AIESEC (English): AIESEC offers professional paid internships and voluntary projects all around the world. Join them at or drop by their office at E2.15
  • Studentenbureau: can help you find internships, part time jobs and final projects.
  • discover your perfect job or internship
  • Stageplaza:acts as an intermediary between intern and employer.
  • Studentenvacaturebank: a vacancy site for internships in the Netherlands.
  • Universitaire stages: a vacancy site for internships and jobs.
  • Stagetoppers: a vacancy site for internships.
  • Stagemotor: a vacancy site for internships and final projects.
  • Duurzame stagebank (English): a vacancy site for internships where the internship assignment focuses on corporate social responsibility and/or sustainability.
  • Talent Outreach Program: internships in Shanghai at a Dutch multinational, for excellent Master’s students as part of their studies.
  • Internships in Russia
  • How to create your own internship: how to contact employers for an internship.

Are you looking for a job or internship in the Netherlands and you don't speak Dutch? Then visit English language vacancies and internships.

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