Trends in the labor market

What does the labor market look like? What are the expectations for the future? It is important that you are already aware of what is happening in the labor market. What requirements are set for particular jobs? Do you meet these requirements or is there room for improvement? Student Career Services helps you chart your course. We keep you informed of trends, vacancies and internships and show you the way to events and companies.

Career prospects

The Research Center for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) conducts an annual study on current and future career prospects for recently graduated students in the Netherlands. This study paints an image of the current and semi-long-term developments in the labor market. One reason why the ROA outlines the career prospects for the next five years (until 2018) is to give prospective students insight into the expected job market after graduation.

Below is a brief summary of this study:

Labor market developments of the past years have been heavily influenced by the economic crisis: the unemployment rate has been increasing since 2008, especially among younger professional, and the number of vacancies is declining. In the semi-long term, a similar employment rate is expected. There is slightly declining employment of approximately 14,000 people between 2013 and 2018. With an average annual growth of 1.2%, the largest increase is expected in the care sector, but there is a limited growth perspective compared to the previous period. This is connected to the budget cuts that will hit the care sector and should slow the demand for care.

The decline in industrial employment continues up to 2018, but the metal industry seems to have the largest blows behind it. Moreover, as a result of budget cuts, a considerable employment decline is expected in public and governmental services. The expected job increase in the care sector leads to a growth in (health)care and medical occupations, resulting in increased employment for those in a healthcare program at MBO, HBO and university level. This makes the care sector the only sector with a growth across all educational levels in the coming years. The percentage of expected decline is largest for MBO Green, HBO Education, and University Economics and Law.

Further information

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) also offer a wide range of information about the labor market (pages will open in a new screen and are in Dutch unless mentioned otherwise):

  • CBS: the labor market in a nutshell
  • UWV: labor market information on sectors and industries
  • Various articles by Intermediair about the labor market for new entrants

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Information for students Economics and Management

Students at the School of Economics and Management can also obtain information and advice about the labor market from the TiSEM Career Services Officer.