Academic Forum

Academic Forum is the place for exchanging and closely studying current topics that matter in science, society and people’s lives. Basic premise: the university is more than a place where academic knowledge and skills are developed. Academic training entails more than just a transfer of knowledge. Preparing young people for responsible positions in society is at least as important: giving them an eye for the public good and a sense of who they are and what they stand for.


What does such a basic premise entail? An independent and interdisciplinary look at current social issues. A look that leads to a deeper understanding of the world and man’s relationship to the world. Fostering talents across the board, and providing ample scope for an encounter of different cultures and religions for reflection and for contemplating life.  


Although our activities are aimed at students in particular, university staff and other interested parties are more than welcome to join in. Academic Forum already collaborates with several faculties and student and culture associations as well as with other services and partners in Tilburg and the Netherlands. 

Do you have an idea or would you like to collaborate with us? Then please tell us by clicking here.


Academic Forum organizes symposia, debates and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social and ideological issues. The themes of these gatherings are related to four domains: ‘Ethics of science’, ‘Reflection on life’, ‘Science & society’, and ‘Cultural diversity’. Furthermore, Academic Forum acts as a sparring partner and advisor, in particular where it concerns issues at the interface of values and science. Not only are we active on campus, we also promote the academic climate in the city and exploit knowledge and expertise in the region.

Academic Forum organizes several regular occurring events, such as the ‘Campus Poet’ and ‘Meet the World’. In addition, Academic Forum organizes several get-togethers at the Zwijsen building and the Esplanade building, and supervises the Grant Fund Academic Forum.

 Are you curious about the full program? Then why not have a look at our calendar.