Narrowcasting displays on campus

Does your student or study association have a message that might be interesting for many students at our university? Perhaps we can post your student communication message on the information displays.

There are approx. 30 on-campus narrowcasting displays, managed by the department External & Campus Communications of the Marketing and Communications Office. We deploy these displays to inform students, announce events (academic sessions, conferences), and communicate on any emergencies.

Student communication comprises all information to students relating to their studies, for instance, changes in schedules, registration deadlines, course announcements, etc. Communication by study and student organizations is also included.

Crisis communication messages (breakdowns, emergencies, security announcements) are shown on all displays and can take precedence over other messages.

The Sports Center manages its own displays. See below for more information.

Guidelines for requests narrowcasting

Submit your narrowcasting request at least four working days before the desired date of publication, using the narrowcasting form.

The following rules regarding the use of narrowcasting apply.

  • The maximum display period is two weeks. If you want the message to be shown again, a minimum interim period of six weeks applies.
  • Depending on the number of messages, the broadcasting time per message may vary.
  • Please make sure that you have made the necessary copyright arrangements.
  • Please only submit images in .jpg format, so no image with the extension .pdf, .png, etc.
  • The text should be brief and to the point: a maximum of 25 words (including place, time, and URL).
  • If you provide text in Dutch and (American) English, only the English text will be displayed.
  • Write the full name, 'Tilburg University'. Do not abbreviate to 'TiU'.
  • Moving images (animated gifs, video files) are not supported.
  • As a rule, event sponsors will not be stated in messages.
  • Messages that are partly or entirely commercial in nature will not be displayed.
  • Messages promoting particular individuals (for instance, in election time) will not be accepted.
  • Messages promoting events like parties, receptions, etc., will only be displayed in the cybercafés.
  • The narrowcasting editors have the right to refuse or change messages.

Narrowcasting messages are displayed free of charge.

Location of the information displays on the campus

  • SC: Student Communication: all information towards students regarding studies, application deadlines, deviating opening hours, announcements, etc.
  • SA: Study and Students Associations
  • Corporate: Corporate news and events
  • Ad hoc: for example security and breakdowns.
  • C: foyer aula: only meant for announcements of day-events taking place in the auditorium.
  • The desks in A and L: meant for specific announcements like deviating opening hours in the specific building.
Location of the information displays on the campus
Location of display SC SA corporate Ad hoc
A: entrance X X X X
C: entrance lunchroom X X X X
C: foyer Auditorium X X
C: small foyer X X X
C: near CZ10 X X X
C: near CZ115 X X X
D: cybercafé X X X X
D: foyer X X X
G: cybercafé X X X X
E: entrance X X X X
I: foyer X X X
L: Brabant Collection X
L: cybercafé X X X X
L: entrance X X X
L: Library Support Desk X
L: level 0 X X X
L: 1st floor NE X X X
L: 1st floor NW X X X
L: 2nd floor NE X X X
L: 2nd floor NW X X X
M: coffeecorner X X X
M: desk X
M: foyer X X X
P: cybercafé X X X X
RP: entrance X X X
RT: entrance X X X
RT: coffeecorner X X X X
S: entrance X X X
S: pavilion X X
W: foyer X X X X

Narrowcasting layout formats

narrowcasting variant 1

Format 1 Full-screen image (1920 x 1080 pixels) with fixed text blocks in different sizes. The Tilburg University logo is placed at the bottom. You submit a photo to be used for this format (1920 x 1080 pixels).

narrowcasting variant 2

Format 2 Some lines of text on the left and a picture on the right. The Tilburg University logo is placed at the top. The maximum size of the image is 627 x 425 pixels, max. 25 words.

narrowcasting variant 3

Format 3 You can submit a full-screen image including text (1920 x 1080 pixels). You have to pay a professional to do the layout.

Sports Center

The Sports Center manages its own displays. For information on how to have messages posted on the Sports Center displays, please send an e-mail to


  • For a full-screen image: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • You can submit photos and text. Photos must be landscape and in .JPG format. Text: only in English.
  • Short videos are allowed (max. one minute). They must be in .H264 or MPEG4 format with a resolution of 1020 x 1020 (Full HD) or 1280 x 720 (HD). No sound.