Freshmen site

Especially for first-year students we have created these pages, as an introduction to the whole site so that you will easily be able to find the answers to the most important questions you might have.

Digital Learning Environment: instruction videos and manuals

Tilburg University Student Portal is the digital environment providing you access to important information for your study. On this webpage you find step-by-step explanation in short instructional videos and manuals to help you with the use of this environment.

Instructional Videos


Register yourself for Exams

And how you can make sure you are notified of whenever exam registration is opened?

Public Electronic Study Guide (ESG): All Programs and Schedules

An overview of the programs, course descriptions and schedules of all bachelor and (pre)master programs at Tilburg University can be found in the public Electronic Study Guide (ESG). Where do you find the ESG?

Personal Study Guide: Your Programms and Schedules

Register yourself using COMAP

Some Schools use COMAP to register for activities, such as a practical seminar, working group or an excursion.

Your Tilburg University e-mail account

Each student receives a Tilburg University e-mail account

Reserving a Library |computer

The University Library offers study places with  PCs.

Use Printers on the Campus

Use the Tilburg University network at home (VPN)

If you want to use the Tilburg University network at home, you need a VPN connection. With this connection you also have access to scientific articles and databases from home.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Where to find the answers to frequently asked questions?



  • International Student Handbook

Economics and Management

  • A Perfect Start



Social and Behavioral Sciences