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Application for Tilburg University students

iStudent TiU is an application for Tilburg University students. The application offers a number of student services conveniently grouped and developed specifically for use on your mobile device. You can easily rearrange the layout of the menu and remove items from the list to build a personalised application. Once loaded, most items are available for offline reading when an internet connection is not available.

Prospective Tilburg University Students can register as guest, to fully experience all services provided.

Available services:

  • My Lecture/Exam schedule (also for lectures)
  • My Schedule Changes
  • My Grades
  • Campus Map
  • Where Am I?
  • Various Tilburg University (RSS) News feeds
  • Various Interesting University websites
  • Public transport info
  • Feedback option
  • Online Help
  • PC Availability
  • Sports Schedule
  • Online Course Evaluation
  • and more...

Tilburg University is continually working to improve and expand the offered services.

iStudent Disclaimer

iStudent TiU is only to be used for informative purposes. Tilburg University cannot be held responsible for iStudent TiU being used for other purposes.

iStudent TiU has been developed commissioned by Tilburg University and is developed by employees of Tilburg University.

Tilburg University has put in every effort in making their services as reliable as possible and cannot be held responsible for an error to occur.

Furthermore, because iStudent TiU's use of third party services, Tilburg University cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and/or availabiltity of those services.

Dutch law applies to iStudent TiU and its usage.

By using iStudent TiU as a registered user you agree to accept these terms. If you do not agree to these terms you should not use iStudent TiU and/or remove it from you mobile device.

© Copyright 2016, Tilburg University
All Rights Reserved.

About iStudent TiU

iStudent TiU is a mobile app developed for Tilburg University students, by Tilburg University (the Netherlands).

iStudent TiU offers a combination of services especially catered and tuned for the Tilburg University Student.

If you are already a student at Tilburg University, use your account to enable personalized services (grades, schedule & schedule changes).

Non Tilburg University residents can register as guest to experience a simulated student environment, giving access to all (simulated personalized) services.

Some services are hosted by third party service providers:

© Copyright 2016, Tilburg University
All Rights Reserved

Help iStudent TiU


iStudent TiU printscreen login

To enable personal (e.g. grade-, schedule-, schedule changes-) services you'll need to identify yourself using your Tilburg University Username + password. After a succesful logon; a personal key is stored on the device that enables your personal mobile iStudent TiU-service access.

For users outside of the Tilburg University there is an option to register as Explore as Guest'. You can login without username/password. After such registering you'll be given full access to all current services. Albeit the personal services are being synthesized from real (anonymous) data.
Note: When an re-registering/logon attempt is made; regardless of the success all personal data is cleared from the device.

The services are divided in 4 menus:

1. Me

iStudent TiU printscreen me

2. My University

iStudent TiU printscreen my university

3. News

iStudent TiU printscreen news

4. Other

iStudent TiU printscreen other


Services that are readable offline are marked in the Menu by 'Last update: xxx'. Online services are noted by 'Last viewed', or otherwise.

You can disable a service by deleting it from the main menu. Once deleted this service can be easily restored in the Edit mode of the Main Menu.

Hide the services you're not interested in; place the most interesting service on the top of the menu.

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