Frequently Asked Questions Blackboard


What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the digital learning environment with courses. A Blackboard course may exist of announcements, documents, exercises, assessments etc. It provides students, through Single Sign-On, with as many important study applications and information resources as possible.

Login and account

How do I get access to Blackboard?

Students have direct access to Blackboard through the http://www.tilburguniversity.edu/students target page for students on the Tilburg University website. This page includes a login-button named [Log in Blackboard] to log in your personal Blackboard environment.

When you click [Log in Blackboard] you fill in your TiU-username and TiU-password. After access is granted you will be redirected to your personal tab My Study with information for your study.

How do I change my TiU-password?

You can change your TiU-password online at the self-service page.

Blackboard courses

How do I register for a Blackboard Course?

  1. Click on the My Study tab, navigate to My Courses, then click on a [course name]. The course page will open on the left-hand side of the course menu.
  2. In the course menu, click on the link [Group Enroll]. If the teacher changed the standard naming, the name can differ.  An overview of all Group Sets for this course will now appear.
  3. Click on a Group Set link [Enroll for groupnaam]. If the teacher changed the standard naming, the name can differ. An overview of all groups for this Group Set will now appear.
  4. Click on the [Enroll me] button to enroll in a group. On the left-hand side under My Groups, the group will now appear.

Enrollment Blackboard only by Lecturer

If a course does not contain a check-box, but only the item [Enrollment Bb only by Lecturer], then it is not possible to enroll yourself as a student in the particular course. The so called self-enrollment feature is then deliberately disabled by the instructor. Most of the time there is a logical reason for not to be able to self-enroll, but please contact the instructor if you should be able in your opinion.

How do I enroll myself in Blackboard?

There are two ways to enroll yourself in a Blackboard course. If you're studying one full study year or program and you want to enroll for multiple courses at once, we advice you to enroll from the Personal Study Guide. If you only want to enroll in one or two Blackboard courses, we advice you to enroll from inside Blackboard.

  • Log in in Blackboard. You will enter the My Study tab.
  • Click the button [Browse Course Catalog] in the Course Catalog module in the My University tab.
  • Fill the name of te course and press [Go]. You will now receive a list of all courses that match your keyword. 
You can also search on Course ID instead of Course Name. Change the pull down list option from Name to ID en fill in the Course ID en press [Go]. Secondly you can browse through the Schools hierarchy, study tracks and programs to finally find a course.
  • Click on the [Chevron icon] (double arrows) next to the Course ID en click on [Enroll]. You will now receive an overview of your enrollment which you can confirm.
  • Press the button [Submit] to confirm your enrollment. You will now receive a message Action Successful or Action Unsuccessful. Click the button [OK] to continue. You will now receive the My Study tab. You can find your course enrollment in the My Study tab in the module My Courses in the upper left corner. Please contact the IT Support if you receive the message Action Unsuccesful and you think you should be able to enroll yourself.

Why can I not find my course?

Sometime your search request will not show any results. Please search with Course ID to make sure the course does not exist. Courses are sometimes named in English and sometimes in Dutch, Schools have different procedures in this. If you sure, that you filled in the Course ID and you cannot find exactly the same Course ID, then there's also possibility that the course is not made available to students. The (existing) course is the then disabled by the IT-department of the School responsible for course management to the particular course.

In Blackboard:

In a Blackboard-course an Unenroll Tool is displayed under Tools if the instructor of the course did enable it. The tool is disabled in some courses to keep your enrollment.

Most courses use the deactivate item. After you have done this, you can no longer enroll for the course again. You will need to contact the instructor or LIS Servicedesk. They can then re-activate your course-membership.

On the other hand: when you unenrolled yourself by accident, no materials are lost.

Blackboard audio/video

Why do I receive a security warning while loading video files?

Microsoft Internet Explorer will show a security warning when you load a Blackboard-page with video-files:

Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely?

Click No to enable video-playback.

The security warning will be displayed since all the data traffic with Blackboard is transported through a secure connection, but the video-files are still delivered through an unsecured connection. Only in Internet Explorer there will be a security warning displayed. Other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will not.

Why do I receive an error message while loading an audio-file?

When you click on an audio-file with Internet Explorer an error message can be displayed when you use Windows Media Player as the default media player:

Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name might not be correct, the server might not be available, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

Sometimes it will be preceded by the following error message too:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Access the Blackboard-page with a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if you still want to make use of Windows Media Player as your default media player.
  • Install a different media player as your default media player like Apple Quicktime or VLC media player if you still want to use Internet Explorer to access the Blackboard-page.
The error message is displayed, because Internet Explorer starts Windows Media Player to play the file while it is still be saved locally. Saving the file locally is a requirement since Windows Media Player cannot play files through a secured connection.

The alternative browsers above will save the file locally first. The alternative media players are being able to play the file through a secured connection.

Why do I receive a message about a 'Missing Plugin'?

The browser has to have an audio/video-plugin in order to play audio/video files. If your browser does not have an audio/video-plugin, the following announcement will appear:

No plug-in available to display this content

Please select the option ' browser plugin' when installing a media player or add the desired plugin to the browser if a media player is already installed.


Where can I go for additional help?

On Tilburg University you can go to the IT Support for technical support on ICT and AV and other education services.