IT and study places

Rules student desktops

Student desktops library

Student desktops in the library can be reserved.

Please note the following:


  • Reserve a PC on the 2nd floor, if you would like to work individually,
  • Reserve a PC on the 1st floor, if you would like to work with two - eight persons. Attention! Working individually at group desktops is allowed, however group work will be given priority over individual study.

When to make a reservation?

  • You cannot reserve a desktop for the current day. A reservation has to be made at least 1 day in advance.
  • You can reserve up to a maximum of 10 blocks of one hour, per week.
  • Weekday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons count as one block each.
  • You can reserve a desktop up to four weeks in advance.


  • A student who has reserved a desktop has the right to use it and may ask someone else to leave the PC.
  • Your reservation is no longer valid if you fail to turn up within the first 15 minutes of the hour which has been reserved.
  • The reservation will expire 15 minutes after the start of the hour for which you have made the reservation.
  • If you find your reserved PC has been locked by someone else, you may turn it off and restart it.

A reserved desktop: what do I do?

  • How can I tell whether a desktop is reserved? Look on the reservations page for a particular date and time. If the number of the desktop is red, then that hour has been reserved. If it is green, the PC is available.
  • Has the desktop really been reserved by the person who claims to have a reservation? Allow the person to log in to the reservation system on your computer. It is not necessary to close your programs. After logging in with their administration number and password, their reservation can be checked under the header 'Overview Reservations and cancelling'

Regulations Montesquieu Learning Center


Visitors should show their university card or a valid identity card at the request of supervisory or security staff. Access to the Montesquieu Learning Center is off-limits for animals other than guide dogs and specially trained dogs, supporting persons with a handicap. Entrance of the MLC with skates or skeelers is not permitted.


TiU is not liable for damage to and/or theft of personal belongings of MLC visitors.

Order and peace

The MLC is a learning environment for group learning. Therefore it is not a silence area like parts of the library. Yet it is required that order and peace are observed, to enable other visitors to work. Mobile phones are permitted, but are not to cause inconvenience (vibrate alarm instead of ringtone). Portable audio players and the like are only to be used at a non-disturbing sound level.

It is not permitted to move chairs from a room (for instance from a classroom to the group work area).

Supervisory and security staff can request visitors, causing inconvenience because of their behavior, to abide by the house rule for order and peace. They are entitled to summon disturbers of the peace to leave the MLC. They are authorized as well to temporarily deny access to troublesome visitors. This will always be confirmed in writing.

Use of the MLC computers

The use of the computer facilities should be in the line of the education of Tilburg University. Therefore games, porn and the like are forbidden. Separate facilities are provided for games, chatting or just surfing on the web, such as the internet cafes in the Cobbenhagen building, Prisma building and Dante building. Following rules apply to the use of computers.

In case of reserved computers in a classroom, other users should shut down the computers and leave the classroom at least 5 minutes before the booked time.

The MLC computers are only to be used by TiU students; this is for personal practice or study. They should have a valid university card

It is not permitted to disconnect network connections or power supplies of computers, for instance in order to connect a notebook

The computer account may be withdrawn in case of destruction, abuse or theft. The possible damage costs will be charged.

Supervisory and security staff check the proper use of the facilities. Negligent use can be punished. This may imply that the Executive Board denies the account owner temporary or permanent access to (parts of) the computer network.

Coats and bags

It is permitted to take coats and bags into the MLC. Coats and bags may be stored in one of the lockers in the group work area. Lockers are to be left empty at the end of the day. The lockers have a socket to charge a notebook.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are permitted in the MLC. Of course everyone is supposed to leave the workplace clean and to be especially careful when drinking near the computers. Mind! It is not permitted to eat warm food.


Smoking is not permitted in the MLC. The Montesquieu building has a smoking area on the ground floor near the MLC.

Destruction and theft

Users should be careful with the facilities. Access to the facilities and/or the MLC may be denied in case of destruction, abuse of facilities or theft. Destruction and/or damage will be charged to the causer at all times.

Liability and found objects

Tilburg University cannot be held liable for lost object or damages to found objects. All objects found in the MLC are handed over to the security department in the Vigilant building.