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E-mail facilities for students

All students at Tilburg University are provided with a Google Apps @ Tilburg University account. In your Google mailbox you can send, receive, search and organize your email easily.

Get connected

With your Google Apps @ Tilburg University account your e-mail address has changed from to However, e-mail sent to your old address will still be delivered.

More than email: You can also share documents, collaborate real-time, build sites etc. More information about all possibilities within the Google Cloud is available via the Google Apps @ Tilburg University website.

Privacy and Security

Protection of personal data in Google Apps @ Tilburg University is guaranteed by Google under the Safe Harbor guidelines. Nevertheless, if you have reason to think your privacy may be violated, and therefore have no intention using your Google Apps @ Tilburg University account, you can request an opt-out from mail delivery to your university Google mailbox.

Facts and figures of e-mail in Tilburg University's Google cloud

  • A mailbox with 25 gb storage is at your disposal
  • In the cloud you can send emails up to 25 mb
  • Gmail offers enhanced message organization and retrieval. You will spend less time managing folders and searching for messages. Check the video above to see how this works!

Message translation

Google's Gmail application has a translation feature. If you receive a message and Gmail detects that it is in a language other than your default language, Gmail can instantly translate it in just one click giving you a general understanding of the message. Don’t expect flawless translations. Sometimes the translation may give other, possible unintended meanings to the text. Check the website for more information about Google’s message translation.