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This webpage contains information about accessing the library's databases from outside the internet domain of the university.

Access in general: what do you need?

Access to the databases is dependent on one or more of the following factors:

TiU username and password For some databases you have to log in with UvT username and UvT password
Virtual Private Network (VPN) client Sometimes access to a database is dependent on the type of Internet connection you have with the university. In many cases a VPN client is necessary.
Ica client Acces to library cd-roms from home via Ica client.

Access to databases

On the pages catalogs and information sources the i-buttons and/or icons aside of each database give information on how to access them. See the example below:

There are three different icons available:

free access login required
Open lock Free access
Closed lock No access Acces with a VPN-client (and Ica-client)
Key Login requires With TiU-username en TiU-password
Be aware of the fact that the icons adjust to the situation on the location where you are working from. On campus the shown icons might be different than when you are working at home (depending on your Internet connection at home).

E-journal articles

For access to the database Online Contents Tilburg University there is no secure connection required. Logging in with username and TiU password is sufficient. However, if you want to go to the full text articles in the database, you do need a secure connection. The same applies for the A-Z Journal List and other databases that offer full text journal articles, like Ingenta, JSTOR, Kluwer Online and Science Direct.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact IT Support.