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Manuals IT facilities

Wireless network Tilburg University
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Eduroam (wireless) More info
Mail & Calendar
Manual name Details Download
Google Mail E-mail facilities for students Google mail manual
Google Calendar Google Apps Google mail calendar
Forward mail from Gmail Manual
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Blackboard Blackboard FAQ
Electronic Study Guide (ESG) Manual Electronic Study Guide
Matlab Manual Matlab
Student Portal Student Portal FAQ
Study place
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Google Chrome With Google Chrome Google Apps works better
Google Drive Manual Google Drive
Google Sites Manual Google Sites
Printing General information If you want to print on the student printers on campus with your notebook or home PC you need a printer installer and VPN connection
Printer installer winows 8 Printing from your notebook Manual
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access to services and servers via the internet that are not openly accessible Cisco 32-bit or Cisco 64-bit
Ubuntu Ubuntu