IT and study places

Study off campus: Work at the library and computer rooms Utrecht University

Students of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology can also use the ICT and library facilities of the Utrecht University

Username and passwords

Your login name is S + ANR number (The ' old' student numbers. Since 2009 all new students receive ab U-number). Every catholic-theology student has both a Tilburg University password and UU solisid. Your login name is a valid solisid too. You'll receive your solis password after you've signed in via an e-mail. You can change your solis password. If you don't have a solis password (anymore), please contact the ICT helpdesk.

The UU library catalog has a different password, the first four numbers of your date of birth (DDMM). You can change this password in the catalog after login. You can also ask for your password and change it at the library helpdesk.

Utrecht workstations, wireless Internet and copying

You can use the computer facilities in the computer study areas and Utrecht University library, the copiers and the wireless internet by using your username and solisid password in combination with the wireless network Eduroam.

Borrow books at the UU library and log in on the Catalogue

Students of the location Utrecht can borrow books in the Utrecht University Library with their TiU student card.

The UU Library Catalogue has its own password, see above.

Omega (digital databases) and Picarta

These facilities are available at the location Utrecht (computer study areas and library PCs) but not at other locations, for instance at home.
Login with your username and solis password.
You can use the online facilities of the TiU Library at home. Picarta is not available, but the NCC is.

Overview facilities

Facilities Tilburg University
Facility Password
Email TiU password
Library TiU password
Blackboard TiU password
Computer rooms TiU password
Other facilities TiU password
Facilities Utrecht University
Facility Password
Library (Catalog, Borrow) Library password
Library(computers) UU solis-password
Computer room UU solis-password
Wireless internet UU solis-password

TST staff has the same access to facilities UU, with their own uername.