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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is used to give access via the Internet to services and servers that are not freely accessible via the public Internet. In this way you can e.g. obtain safe access to library databases.

The Tilburg University VPN server

You establish an authenticated connection with the Tilburg University net via the Tilburg University VPN server on the basis of your user name and password. Before you can set up a VPN connection, you need to download the VPN client.

A Virtual Private Network connection is required in case you want to:

  • Consult special library databases at home via the Internet.
  • Send print orders from home via the Internet to one of the printer/copiers on the campus.
  • Edit the website via GX.


The maximum VPN session time is 12 hours. After 12 hours the connection will be automatically disconnected and you will need to start a new connection.

Split tunneling

When you start a VPN connection, your Internet communication at home passes a VPN tunnel.

It is possible to set up a so-called split tunnel. This means that only traffic for Tilburg University will be tunneled. All other traffic will go via your own internet provider.

You can set up a split tunnel by typing '-split' after your username when you log in, e.g. username-split

Mind, if you want access to certain databases from the library, you cannot use split tunneling.

VPN on your mobile or tablet

Download the Cisco VPN client for free via the Play Store, iTunes or Blackberry App World.

Instruction video

You can watch an instruction video about VPN on the webpage Instruction Freshmen.