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Wi-Fi network eduroam

You can use your Tilburg University username and password to access the wireless (WiFi) network called eduroam

To access the wireless connection on campus with your mobile devices you need to select eduroam.

  • You can use your Tilburg University username added by (thus:
  • You can use your regular Tilburg University password

Please bear in mind that if you've changed your Tilburg University credentials, you als have to change these in your WiFi settings on your mobile device (e.g. tablet or smart phone).

The manual configure eduroam is also available for additional information.

Connect to WiFi

If your mobile device requires manual configuration you can find the settings you may have to fill in below. Note that not all settings are neccessary for every device and that terms can differ among different devices.

SSID name: eduroam (note: case sensitive)
Username: Tilburg University
Password: Tilburg University-password
Domain: UVT.NL
Network authentication: WPA2
Data encryption: AES
EAP type: PEAP of TTLS
Authentication Method: EAP-MSChap-v2, EAP-MD5 of MSChap-v2
Certificate: Add Trust External CA Root
Anonymous identity:

Note that we do not have the full capacity to make every connection work.

WiFi access for guests

Guest can apply for a one day access permission themselves by sending a text message with a special code. The code and telephone number to which the code can be send, are displayed on the narrow casting monitors which can be found in various building on campus.

Installation Manual

Questions on how to install Wi-Fi? Check the manuals in the Self Service Desk IT.