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Prof. Jan van Dijk to receive 2016 ESC European Criminology Award for lifetime contribution

The European Society of Criminology has decided to award prof. dr. Jan van Dijk (INTERVICT/ Tilburg University) the 2016 ESC European Criminology Award in recognition of his lifetime contribution to European criminology.

The award committee was impressed by Van Dijk's significant contribution to European criminology. In particular, the award committee considered that


“Throughout his career, [Jan van Dijk] has played an important role in showing the relevance of criminological research to the search for solutions to real-world problems.
His ideas are firmly empirically grounded, and have generated research findings and policy recommendations relevant to formulation of criminal justice policies in the everyday world. He has served in multiple senior roles in the Netherlands Ministry of Justice including as director of the Research and Documentation Center (WODC), and was Principal Officer at the United Nations Centre for International Crime Prevention. From 1990 to 1999, he held a part-time professorship in criminology at the University of Leiden. He was from 1996 to 2012 the first holder of the Pieter van Vollenhoven Chair in Victimology and Human Security in the University of Tilburg, and director of that university’s International Victimology Institute.
Jan van Dijk has continually worked to broaden criminological research from a focus on the behavior of offenders to analysis of interactions between offenders and victims. He has sought to explain what drives criminal behavior. That effort began in the 1970s with large-scale victimization surveys in the Netherlands, continued through his seminal role in creating, continuing, expanding, protecting, and sometimes preserving the International Crime Victims Survey, and culminated in his 2008 magnum opus, The World of Crime. His contributions involve research design and methodology, primary data collection, empirical analysis, and criminological theory. His extensive writings on crime prevention, crime statistics, victimization, victim assistance, and crime trends have been published in scholarly books and journals and in reports issued by governments and international organizations.
Jan van Dijk was the co-founder and first chairperson of the National Organisation of Victim Assistance in The Netherlands (1984 – 1989). He was president of the World Society of Victimology (1997 – 2000), and symposium president of the Nineth International World Symposium on Victimology in Amsterdam in 1997. In 1987 he initiated, in collaboration with Pat Mayhew and Martin Killias, the International Crime Victims Survey. He supervised five subsequent rounds of implementation, covering over 80 countries in all regions of the world. He has recently supervised a European Commission project on harmonization of anti-human trafficking statistics, involving all 27 EU member states.
Working in governmental and university settings, Jan van Dijk has for more than four decades been creative, productive, and influential. His career serves as a model of what a social scientist dedicated to the illumination and solution of real world problems can accomplish. He is a worthy recipient of the 2016 European Criminology Award of the European Society of Criminology”


The Awards Ceremony will take place on September 23rd during the ESC Conference in Münster, Germany.