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Unequal treatment at workplace undermines recruitment of labor migrants

The negative perception caused by unequal treatment at the workplace undermines the recruitment of labor migrants in sectors where there is a real demand in order to keep upright production. This in itself should be enough of an argument for employers to initiate sound agreements that move forward the equal pay for equal work principle.

That is what Jan Cremers concludes in a contribution on the free movement of workers to the ESB journal. The journal's editors have compiled a dossier entitled Choices for Europe with contributions on free movement of goods and services, free movement of persons, free movement of capital, and governance issues.

Jan Cremers, who coordinates a project on the internationalization of the labor market (INT-AR) at Tilburg Law School, contributed an article on the free movement of workers. 

See also Economisch Statistische Berichten (in Dutch), Nummer 4754S - 3 oktober 2017