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Data Science for Humanitarian Innovation

As per September 1, 2016, Prof. dr. Conny Rijken (TLS) and Prof. dr. ir. Hein Fleuren (TiSEM) have been appointed as directors for the new research program Data Science for Humanitarian Innovation of Data Science Center Tilburg (DSC/t).

In this new research program Data Science methods and tools will be developed and applied to innovate humanitarian aid, and to make it more effective and sustainable. The first focus will be on Urban Refugees and Humanitarian Supply Chain Management.

Conny Rijken

Conny Rijken (TLS) is professor of Human Trafficking and Globalisation at INTERVICT and conducted extensive and innovative interdisciplinary research on trafficking, smuggling and migration issues in various parts of the world such as Sinai, Thailand and Europe.

Hein Fleuren

Hein Fleuren (TiSEM) is professor of Business Analytics / Operations Research and developed a Supply Chain model for World Food Program that has a big impact for the supply of food to the hungry people in the world.

Presentation in November

On November 24, Conny Rijken en Hein Fleuren will give a presentation on their plans for Data Science for Humanitarian Innovation.