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Bronze for Braspennincx at Euro Championship track cycling

In a weekend where all the attention went to Max Verstappen and his great race in Austin Texas, and the Feyenoord-Ajax match-up, we were all focusing on the European Championship track cycling in Berlin.

Shanne Braspennincx

Shanne Braspennincx (TiSEM student) proofed to be fully recovered of her long injury (hart stoppage in 2015) winning the bronze medal together with Kyra Lamberink in the team sprint event. A great achievement. Unfortunately Shanne fell during the Keirin race, missing the final. But a great start of the season, and a good step forward to the World Championship in Apeldoorn in 2018!

Check the video interview with Shanne Braspennincx.

World Championship Hip Hop

Also, this weekend, we paid attention to Leiden, host of the World Championship Hip Hop dance. Rowen Vaessen (TLS student) won the silver medal with her team C-Fam, even though she almost missed the first round due to a final exam at Tilburg University Friday afternoon. But no harm done, and eventually a great silver medal.