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For and by students from all over the world. Get to know and explore each other’s cultures.

The idea behind this event is that several student parties will bring together Dutch and international students to create a day for all students! A perfect opportunity to make connections to open up the world for you.

During the day you will be able to attend free workshops and interactive lectures. These activities are all about experiencing differences in culture. The day will show you the importance of cultural knowledge. At the end of the day, you can enjoy free drinks and different snacks from all over the world.


Schedule One-World-Day

The event will start around 15:30 but you will be able to walk in from 15:00 onwards and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. After a short introduction in the Auditorium you will be able to join different kinds of workshops and lectures. 

  • Djembe Workshop: Learn the basic principle of this old West-African drum art.
  • Salsa Workshop: Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance like a real Latin-American? This is your chance!
  • Calligraphy Workshop: In a slightly longer workshop you will learn how to write in an artistic way.

Around 19:00 the workshops and lectures will end and you can enjoy free drinks and international snacks. The perfect opportunity to meet up with people from all over the world and learn about each other´s culture.

Please subscribe here in advance, to make sure that you will be able to join your favorite activity. When you don't subscribe in advance you can still join on the day itself but we can't guarantee that you will be able to join your favorite workshop. 

This event is for students and is part of the 90th anniversary celebrations.

When: 26 October 2017 15:00

End date: 26 October 2017 20:00

Where: Cobbenhagen building