Although Tilburg University does not offer student accommodation itself, we would like to help you to get started with finding your own accommodation in Tilburg while you are still in your home country. Finding a place to live is one of the most important things to arrange but it is not easy if you do not know how to start. Therefore we would like to inform you about the options for housing in Tilburg.


There are two housing companies in Tilburg, WonenBreburg and SSH Short Stay, which offer furnished accommodation especially for international students of Tilburg University. As a special service they've introduced a separate website for you to find furnished accommodation in Tilburg. At Your Room in Tilburg you will find more information about the accommodation offered and the Terms and Conditions for renting.


As you may know Tilburg University does have a campus however it is not possible to live on the campus itself. Student houses are spread all over the city of Tilburg, but the houses offered to international students are most often located between Tilburg University campus and Tilburg city center.

The most important buildings are situated at Professor Verbernelaan (exchange students) and Hart van Brabantlaan - Tilburg Talent Square (Bachelor, Pre-Master, Master and Research Master students).

Some room details

The size of the rooms offered varies between 12-18 square meters. Besides your room you also have access to all shared facilities such as a bathroom, living room, toilet, kitchen and garden (if available). At Tilburg Talent Square you will have your own bathroom and toilet, but in most other cases you will share these facilities with other (national and international) students.

Accommodation costs vary between € 320 and € 460 per month. This includes water, electricity, gas, television, internet, local taxes, maintenance service, general services, some insurances and furniture. For more details please read the details at Your Room in Tilburg.

Reservation system

At the beginning of June, you will receive an e-mail which will include instructions on how to book your accommodation through the online reservation system. Within this e-mail you will receive the log-in details for the Your Room in Tilburg website through which WonenBreburg and SSH Short Stay rent their rooms to international students. The reservation policy is based on a 'first-come, first-serve'-basis. Therefore we advise you to reserve a room as soon as the system opens.

Contract terms

It is only possible to rent accommodation for fixed rental periods (a semester or a year). The tenancy agreement cannot be ended before the fixed period has ended. Only under special circumstances is it possible to terminate the tenancy agreement. You will find the Terms and Conditions on the website Your Room in Tilburg. It's very important to read this document carefully.


If you have any questions regarding accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact WonenBreburg or SSH Short Stay via Your Room in Tilburg.

Private Market

You can look for alternative housing companies via the internet yourself, if you don't want to rent a room via Your Room in Tilburg. We strongly advise you to take note of our tips, if you decide to find a room yourself. First of all, make sure you understand the implications of your tenancy agreement and please do not sign an agreement if you don't understand it or if you haven't read it.

Official websites

It is common in the Netherlands that student rooms are offered online, either directly by the landlord him-/herself, a housing company or by a lessee who is looking for someone for sublease. Please use official websites or companies that you can trace.

There are rooms, studios and apartments available online. Please do check if the room is furnished, if there is carpet and curtains and check which costs are included in the rental fee. In some cases the utilities are not included in the monthly rental fee.


Student houses are spread all over the city of Tilburg. Try to check whether the address of the room offered actually exists (e.g. though google maps) and don't forget to check the distance to Tilburg University campus and Tilburg city center.


Kijkavonden are a Dutch phenomenon in the student housing market. During a 'kijkavond', students are invited to come and have a look at the room and to meet their new housemates. The students who live in the house will decide which student will be their new housemate. Due to this custom, it can be very challenging to find a room from abroad.


Never transfer money in advance! It sometimes happens that people are scammed out of money by non-existing 'land lords'. Do not send money to anyone for accommodation prior to viewing the accommodation, verifying that the person is the actual landlord or representative of the landlord and seeing the tenancy agreement. Always ask for a receipt for any deposit you pay or payment you make.

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