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International exchange

Do you feel drawn to a campus in London, Buenos Aires or Singapore? If you want to complete a part of your degree abroad, then an International Exchange might be a great opportunity for you! Tilburg University has many agreements with international partner institutions all over the world.

Tilburg University has entered into agreements with many international partner institutions, meaning a lot of the red tape has already been taken care of. How can we assist you? We can help with getting your credits transferred, counseling, housing, insurance, a scholarship, exemption from tuition fees ... in other words, quite a lot!


If you would want to go on exchange then a lot of support is offered by Tilburg University. It is an easy and safe way for a first experience abroad. There will of course still be a lot you need to take care of yourself, but Tilburg University offers guidelines for that as well

On this website you will find everything you need to know about an Exchange. You can read about all the possible destinations, the ins and outs of the international experience, the registration process, and all the procedures about what you will need to do once you have been selected for an exchange are explained.

What inspires you?

Are you in doubt because you're afraid of graduating late, not looking forward to a rigorous application process, or because you’re nervous about the expense? Take some time to discuss your doubts with your school’s Exchange Coordinator, read blogs posted by students who have been on exchange before, or speak with them personally. These obstacles really aren’t as bad as they might seem. You can make your international experience as expensive or affordable as you want, and smart planning will help you prevent delays in your studies.

Make your international dreams come true!

Each International Exchange begins with a dream. In which country would you like to spend time studying? We recommend that you first learn a few things about your favorite country and city. Then you should look at the opportunities available. An exchange is a major step and there are a lot of details that need dealing with, but the anticipation makes it all worthwhile. It’s your chance to make you international dreams come true!