Apply for an exchange

Once you've decided on your destination, you will need to submit an application to your School's Study Abroad Advisor. Keep an eye on the deadline and make sure to hand in your application on time!

You can apply for an exchange by

  1. Creating your on-line application account and
  2. Finalizing your application by submitting it on-line, printing it and handing it in to your Study Abroad Advisor before the deadline.

Your online application account

Your account will consist out of different pages which you will have to complete before you can submit your exchange application. Don' t worry, you do not have to do this at once. You can take your time and log in every time you would like to work on your application. The system will save your input and will retrieve it every time you log in again. Make sure to read all the information carefully so you will not miss any important steps. Below you will find some helpful tips and ideas to prepare your application.

Your exchange destinations

We ask all students to apply for their three most preferred destinations. Your preference for one destination might be stronger than for the others, but we are sure that you can find three destinations that all suit your ambition and goals. These three destinations can all be in the same country or in different countries (and even continents). The choice is yours!

Motivation letter

We expect your motivation letter to be a maximum of 2 pages long. Generally speaking we expect you to tell us why you want to go on exchange, why you want to go to the universities of your choice, and why you want to go to the country or city of your choice, but feel free to add anything else. Keep in mind that we expect you to motivate all three of your destination choices (in one letter)!


  • Try to explain why an exchange is important to you, and what it would add to your study program/career plans/personal life/etc. Keep in mind that we receive hundreds of motivation letters, so don’t just write about general things like “I want to gain a different perspective”, “I want to improve my inter-cultural skills” or "I want to live the American Dream", but explain it a bit more and tell us what difference an exchange would make for you personally and in your specific situation.
  • Keep in mind that you are applying for an academic exchange, not booking a holiday! The cultural experience is very important, so do write about why you are interested in a specific country’s culture/economic situation/history/language/etc, but don’t write about how beautiful the landscape is, the many trips you can make in the area or the weather. Travel and social activities are part of your exchange, of course, but don’t make them the most important argument in your motivation letter. The courses offered at the host university of your choice are your best argument for why you are interested in that particular university.
  • As an exchange student you are an ambassador for Tilburg University, so you can also write about why you would be a good ambassador for the University and the city of Tilburg.
  • Feel free to be creative! Think of a creative way of showing your motivation (e.g. video, photo's). Make your motivation stand out!

Indication of courses

Look up on the partner university website which courses will be available to exchange students in the semester you are applying for and make a list of the courses you are interested in following. If the courses of your exchange semester have not been published by the host university yet, please look at the courses offered during the previous year.

We expect you to list 4 courses of the appropriate level (e.g. Bachelor students are required to select bachelor or undergraduate courses, master students are required to select master or graduate courses). Course information can be found on this website, on the specific partner’s page or in the study reports of former exchange students. Please note that you are not bound to take these courses when selected.

Remember, it is your own responsibility to make sure the partner university you are interested in has enough courses on offer for you to transfer to your program here at Tilburg University! Some partner universities have limited choice in courses, so make sure your destination of choice fits into your academic progress to prevent any delay in your studies after your exchange.

Please note that the credit system at the host university might be different from the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that we work with at Tilburg University. The credits earned abroad will be converted to ECTS upon return from your exchange. For an overview of how the credits will be converted please see the standard conversion table.

Curriculum Vitae

Please add your curriculum vitae, listing any job experience, membership of student associations or student unions, volunteer work, international experience, language skills, etc. Do not forget to think about your experiences so far and how this may be able to contribute to your wish to go abroad. Have you gained valuable skills or experiences that may help you adjust to a new and unknown environment? Did you travel abroad already or have have you been in contact already with people from other cultural backgrounds? Every past experience may complement your exchange application in a positive way. Do not forget to stress these things by mentioning them in your CV!

Study Plan

Your Study Plan contains an overview of your entire study career at Tilburg University. Start with this current academic year and work your way up to your graduation year. Make sure to schedule the courses you still need to do of previous years (e.g. first year courses) in your current academic year. Do not forget to include your study abroad semester in the study plan and be sure to make a realistic study plan. For some students it is possible to obtain 42 ECTS per semester, for others it is not. Know your study limits; sometimes this means it will take you four years to obtain your bachelor degree instead of three. This is not the end of the world as long as you spend the extra year well!

Handing in your application

Please print out your application form and all supporting documents (e.g. CV and Motivation letter) and hand in your application package to your Study Abroad Advisor before the deadline!

NOTE: All documents need to be in English

Selection Criteria for the Tilburg School of Economics and Management

TiSEM has additional criteria or requirements for applying for an exchange. All other Schools do not have additional criteria or requirements. The following information is also not applicable for students with a major in Business within the Liberal Arts and Sciences program.

Selection Criteria for TiSEM at time of application

Your application for an exchange will be considered mostly based on your motivation, but there are additional requirements that will also be taken into consideration. Some are general and others are specific depending on your study phase and/or your study program. Please therefore carefully look into the selection criteria here below to see if you would be eligible for an exchange period abroad! 

For all exchanges we require a minimum average grade of 6.0 at the time of applying. Some partner universities have strict grade requirements, so if you apply for one of those universities your minimum average grade needs to be in the required range. If a partner university has a minimum grade requirement different than the general 6.0 requirement, it will be mentioned on the partner's information page on the Study Abroad website.


  • We select students exclusively for an exchange period of 1 semester
  • Students are only allowed to go on exchange once
  • International students at Tilburg University are not allowed to go on exchange to their home countries
  • Preference will be given to students with a good academic progress and with relevant extracurricular activity/work experience


  • Students should have obtained a minimum of 48 ECTS of their First Bachelor year at the moment of application
  • Bachelor students can only be selected for an exchange  if their study plan shows they will graduate within a maximum of 4 years.

Pre-Master & Master:

  • Pre-Master students are not allowed to go on exchange during their Pre-Master program, but are welcome to apply for an exchange for during their Master program
  • Master students can only be selected for an exchange provided that they will finish their Master program within 2 years and provided that they haven’t been on exchange during their Bachelor program.

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