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Lisanne Valks (2017)

Alumnus of the EUCOTAX Wintercourse in 2017

Lisanne Valks

I participated in the EUCOTAX Wintercourse in 2017. This was an incredible experience. We discussed the different set of tax legislation in the Netherlands compared with the other participating countries. This leads to an interesting mindset of some countries and broadens your own view of the legislation / regulation in your own country. You will perhaps understand why a country does something that seems not clear nor smart at all. For instance, the United Kingdom did not file anything, while in the Netherlands it was a firm manner to file. Eventually, I understood why this was different in the United Kingdom compared to the Netherlands. During times, I even had to defend the Netherlands when it came to specific legislation and state aid.

The fun thing about the Wintercourse is that you do not only discuss the legislation and regulation of countries and find the differences, but also talk to the students and professors of the other countries. You mingle and bond. You may learn a lot because of the books that you have read on the subject, but you will learn so much more by only talking to the others. This is such an amazing experience.

The Wintercourse does not exists only of the formal parts where you will write the group paper, but during the week you will also have a lot of informal activities, such as being a tourist in the organising country. The informal activities will lead to a close group. For instance, in Zurich we had an active tour through the city. We went to some tourist places and became familiar with the city. This day was closed with a delicious barbecue. In addition, the Wintercourse week ended with the sharing of a very popular Swiss meal. All the students and professors shared the cheese fondue. Moreover, the University of Zurich had rented a bar, so we could all have drinks in the city. You could not only share a drink with other students, but even with the professors! This is highly unlikely in the normal student life, but becomes one of the many aspects of why you should participate in the Wintercourse Week.

The Wintercourse is an incredible and amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will work outside of your comfort zone and have to think outside of the box. This week consists of hard work, but at the end: it is all worth it!

If you have any other questions or if you hesitate to participate in the EUCOTAX Wintercourse, please feel free to contact me at


Margot Kamphuis (2016 en 2017)

Alumnus of the EUCOTAX Wintercourse in 2016 and 2017

Wintercourse - Graduate with international friends

Margot Kamphuis

As a masterstudent in Tax Economics, I joined the EUCOTAX Wintercourse project, in Vienna. However, you might be wondering: what is the Wintercourse actually?

The EUCOTAX Wintercourse is a program in which Tilburg University collaborates with partner universities from around Europe and the USA. This project is a unique experience in which you combine your knowledge of the Dutch tax system with international developments in the tax field. During the Wintercourse week in April, you meet up with your fellow students from the EUCOTAX network to prepare a final presentation and paper with your findings. Of course, there is time to party and hang out together and explore the host city. 

What to expect?

This Wintercourse is a super learning experience combining social skills, presentation and language skills and tax knowledge.

You will join the Dutch delegation to represent Tilburg University in the hosting city; however the program starts in September and will last until the final deadline of your master thesis in June. The months in between will be dedicated to writing your paper for the Wintercourse workshops in April and training yourself in presentation skills. Your fellow students, the language center and your supervisor from the Fiscal Institute make sure you have all the right tools to prepare for the workshop week.  After this week, you include your findings into your master thesis. The Wintercourse is indeed an intense program, but is scheduled around clear deadlines.

What did I learn from it?

I was writing my paper and thesis simultaneously to my courses and my knowledge of international tax expended considerably. The program is indeed intense but I learned to reach out for help from my fellow students and supervisors. For me personally it works best to keep consistently working on my thesis and the clear deadlines of the project supported that. I also learned to receive from and provide feedback to my students, and learned to work with different cultures and working styles during the Wintercourse week in Vienna.  Overall, I experienced the Wintercourse as a grand finale of my studies.


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