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Course Entrepreneurial and Responsible Leadership (EARL)

The goal of the course is to enable students to understand what it means to be a responsible and entrepreneurial leader. You will be asked to think critically, to participate in highly interactive classes and learn from and confront various guest speakers. You will not only obtain knowledge, but you will also be stimulated to develop yourself and your mindset. As such, this course is relevant for students from all disciplines who want to make the most out of themselves.

Entrepreneurial leadership will be presented as the combination of the attitude and competencies of entrepreneurs, managers and leaders. Entrepreneurs are characterized by opportunity seeking, risk taking, pro active, creative people with perseverance. Managers are principally focused on technical tasks and controlling processes and leaders are attributed to long term vision, diplomacy, influencing, communicative and social abilities.

As leadership is defined around people, to engage, challenge and inspire them to face the challenges ahead, the concept of leadership will be elaborated in terms of the relation between stakeholders, inside and outside organizations and what makes leaders successful. Psychological traits, cognitive models and behavior are at the basis of characterizing leadership. Different leadership models, like charismatic leadership, transformational, participative, spiritual, value based and authentic leadership will be subject of discussion. Also global and cross-cultural leadership, gender, diversity and the balance between power and integrity are building blocks of this course.

This interactive course combines principal theories on leadership, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, state of the art scientific research with insights from practice, presented among others by guest speakers and lecturers.

The course is organized in the first two semester of the program, on a set day in the week from 18.45h to 20.30h.