Studying and Student life

Educational Materials and IT

Since our courses are flexible and varied, our educational materials should be, too. It shouldn’t be a surprise that IT plays an important role in language education. IT applications are above all an important means to give shape to independent learning that is part of our educational approach. They provide the optimal ratio between individual study and classes and are suitable for a highly-educated target group. Our students are capable of carrying the responsibility of their learning process for a great deal by working independently.

For these reasons, you should expect our classrooms to be equipped with ultramodern IT facilities. An added advantage is that our students have access to an online language recorder which allows them to work on their language skills via their mobile devices regardless of their location. Of course, we also show them where these user-friendly applications can be accessed.

That’s not all. If necessary, we also develop tools, electronic tests and websites for language education. Examples are toolboxes for all languages, diagnostic tests for Dutch and English, the RefCite, pronunciation trainer Eloquent for Dutch as a second language and English and clips for language education. We also participate in innovative projects and IT workgroups on campus and in national and international projects such as the National Action Plan e-learning (NAP). Other large-scale projects that have since been completed are the Dutch++ (website for learning Dutch as a pluricentric language) and Intuit (English Tutoring through IT).

These developments will continue in the coming years with a focus on further optimization, specification and updates for IT applications.