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Fees and Registration


If you are enrolled at Tilburg University and pay tuition, you will have received twelve electronic language vouchers at the beginning of your course of study. Exchange students and pre-master’s students also receive twelve language vouchers. Each voucher is generally worth 1 ECTS. Most courses have a study load of 6 ECTS. This means you receive at least two languages courses for free! You can view your voucher credit in Osiris Student. If you have used all your vouchers, you pay a reduced price of 68 euros per ECTS (price 2018-2019) for our language courses

The link below provides an overview of how many vouchers you must turn in for a course or what the fees are for a course if you no longer have any language vouchers.

Overview fees language courses students 2018 - 2019


If you want to pay for a language course with your language vouchers, you can register for the course via Osiris Student. If the available places per group have been filled to capacity, you will be placed on a waiting list. You will receive an email if an extra class is formed.

If you do not have enough vouchers left, you cannot register via Osiris Student*. You must go to the Student Desk to register for a course. Your registration will be confirmed once you have paid the remaining fees for the course.

If you do not have any vouchers left, you can register via by using the digital registration form which you can find with the course description*.

* It is not possible to register through Osiris Student for a intensive course Dutch as a Second Language. Read the information regarding the study load and registration procedure. Once the course coordinator has given you a positive advice, you will receive information how to register for the course.

Registration for a course cannot be made by phone.

Here you can find more information about registration via Osiris.

The Language Center retains the right to cancel a course in case of insufficient registration. Your language vouchers will be returned or you will be refunded any fees paid.

If you have any questions about registration or otherwise, please contact the Student Desk.

Registration dates NT2

In the Conditions NT2 track you can find the registration dates for the intensive Dutch as a Second Language courses.

Registration dates voucher courses

Fall semester: 27 August 2018 Spring semester: 28 January 2019
Start registration 8 August 2018, 11.00 8 January 2019, 11.00
Registration possible until 21 August 2018, noon 21 January 2019, 12.00
De-registration possible until 21 August 2018, noon 21 January 2019, 12.00