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Step 3: apply for your exchange

Once you have decided on your destinations, you will need to submit an application. Keep an eye on the application deadlines and make sure to hand in your application on time!

You can apply for an exchange by:

  1. Creating your on-line application account; and
  2. Submitting it online, printing it and handing it in to the International Office in A 403.

Your online application account

Your account will consist of different pages which you will have to complete before you can submit your exchange application. Do not worry, you do not have to do this at once. You can take your time and log in every time you would like to work on your application. The system will save your input and will retrieve it every time you log in again. Make sure to read all the information carefully so you will not miss any important steps. Below you will find some helpful tips and ideas to prepare your application.

Your exchange destinations

We ask all students to apply for their three most preferred destinations. Your preference for one destination might be stronger than for the others, but we are sure that you can find three destinations that all suit your ambition and goals. These three destinations can all be in the same country or in different countries (and even continents). The choice is yours!

Indication of courses

Look up on the partner university's website which courses will be available to exchange students in the semester you are applying for and make a list of the courses you are interested in following. If the courses of your exchange semester have not been published by the host university yet, please look at the courses offered during the previous year.

We expect you to list 8 courses of the appropriate level (e.g. Bachelor students are required to select bachelor or undergraduate courses, master students are required to select master or graduate courses).

Course information can be found on the webpage of the destination, on the specific partner university page or in the study reports of former exchange students. The indication of courses will be used by the Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinators to decide if you will be able to follow courses within the field you prefer at the Partner University. The courses you choose will most definitely still change as the course schedules at the Partner University will not be ready until a few months before your departure!

Remember, it is your own responsibility to make sure the partner university you are interested in has enough courses on offer for you to transfer to your program here at Tilburg University! Some partner universities have limited choice in courses, so make sure your destination of choice fits into your academic progress to prevent any delay in your studies after your exchange.

Please note that the credit system at the host university might be different from the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that we work with at Tilburg University.

Motivation letter

We expect your motivation letter to be a maximum of 2 pages long. We expect you to tell us what your academic interest is in these universities and what the academic relevance is to study at these universities. Make sure you refer to the indication of courses your preferred universities are offering. Keep in mind that we expect you to motivate all three of your destination choices in one letter!

Handing in your application

Please print out your application form and all supporting documents and hand in your application to the International Office – Study Abroad & Exchange in A 403 before the deadline!

NOTE: All documents need to be in English

Application deadlines study abroad

If you would like to apply for an exchange, we ask you to keep in mind our application deadlines. We have 5 application deadlines per year. We require students to hand in their application on the below dates before 12 noon. You can hand in your hard copy at the International Office – Study Abroad & Exchange in Academia building, room 403.

Deadlines for students wanting to go on exchange in 2018/2019:

  • 12:00 (noon) Thursday, 1 February 2018
  • 12:00 (noon) Monday, 2 April 2018
  • 12:00 (noon) Monday, 2 July 2018
  • 12:00 (noon) Monday 3 September 2018

Keep in mind that the partner universities abroad have set their own deadlines to apply as well. Differing per partner university and depending on the moment in the year, the opportunity to apply for an exchange in the fall semester of the next academic year, may not be available anymore.

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