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Acceptance to the Partner University & pre-departure Preparations

Before you start packing your bags, there are some arrangements that you need to make.

Language requirements

If you are going to take courses at the host institution in Spanish, Italian, German, French or Portuguese, Tilburg University and the partner university require you to master that particular language. In that case, you will have to meet a certain language requirement before your departure.

Course approval

The courses you choose to take at your host university are the most important part of your exchange, so make sure you think well about which courses you will apply for. After you picked your courses, you will have to get your courses approved by the responsible party within your school. It is very important that you do this before your departure.

Scholarship related preparations

If you are receiving an Erasmus+ scholarship for your exchange at a destination within Europe, the following information applies.

Learning Agreement

After your course approval, please inform the Study Abroad & Exchange coordinator about the approved courses. He/she will send you a Learning Agreement that you will have to sign yourself and have to get signed by the Host University. It is of utmost importance the document is signed by all three parties before the beginning of your exchange semester.

Online Language Support Assessment  (OLS test)

All students going on exchange and receiving an Erasmus grant will have to complete an assessment for the language of instruction at the Host University before departure and upon return. Students failing to do so, or failing to do so in time, will not be eligible for an Erasmus grant. Native speakers are exempted from this rule. You will automatically receive an invitation for the assessment by email.

The OLS test cannot be accepted as your proof of language proficiency for your exchange application.

Further pre-departure preparations

After you have applied to the Partner University, you will receive an acceptance letter (or email). Once you have received official proof of your acceptance you can continue with more practical matters before you leave.

What's next?

Go to step 6 in the pre-departure process: Receive your pre-departure documents from Tilburg University.