Studying and Student life

Receive your pre-departure documents from Tilburg University

After you fulfilled all the pre-departure criteria, outlined in your pre-departure workflow in Mobility Online, the following documents will be sent to you by the Study Abroad & Exchange Office.

Student declaration

This letter states that you are going on exchange as part of your studies in the Netherlands. It is extremely important that you do not forget to re-enroll as a fulltime student of Tilburg University and pay your tuition fee here. You may need this statement to apply for a visa or to ask for an advance of your 'studiefinanciering'.

Form for the reimbursement of your OV card

On this form, Tilburg University declares that you are going on exchange as part of your studies in the Netherlands. During your time abroad, you will not be able to use your OV card and therefore you will have the possibility to put your OV card 'on hold' and receive a reimbursement in exchange.

We ask you not to download the form yourself, as you will receive a pre-filled document from the Study Abroad & Exchange Office. There are strict rules regarding the calculation of your period of stay and this is done only after you have met all requirements.

Note: If you receive a reimbursement of the OV card, you are NOT allowed to make use of this card. It is your responsibility to put your card on hold at one of the designated machines. You will have to do this on the last day of the month prior to the month you will receive a reimbursement for, at the very latest. If you fail to do so, you will be in debt to the DUO. For more information, please check

Scholarship related documents (if applicable)

If you are receiving an Erasmus+ scholarship for your exchange at a destination within Europe, the following information applies.

Learning Agreement

After your course approval, please inform the Study Abroad & Exchange coordinator about the approved courses. He/she will send you a Learning Agreement that you will have to sign yourself and have to get signed by the Host University. It is of utmost importance the document is signed by all three parties before the beginning of your exchange semester.

Grant Agreement

After you received the signed Learning Agreement, you will have to hand it in to your Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator. The office will send you an Erasmus+ grant agreement that stipulates the conditions for receiving the scholarship. You are advised to read the agreement carefully and keep a copy for your own administration. After sending back the signed document, you will receive your first payment (70% of the total estimated amount).

Erasmus+ student Charter

All Erasmus students will receive an Erasmus+ Student Charter. This document tells you the rights and duties of a student that received an Erasmus+ Scholarship.

Statement of Host Institution

In principle, the transcript of records must include the actual start and end date of the study period abroad. These dates will be leading in calculating the final Erasmus grant amount that a student is entitled to. If the actual start and end date are not included in the transcript of records, Tilburg University will use the Statement of Host Institution as a means to calculate the final Erasmus grant amount. The Statement of Host Institution is supposed to be signed at the end of our exchange.