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Examination Board Economics and Management


The responsibilities of the Examination Board are installed in the 'Higher Education and Research Act (WHW)', the 'Education and Examination Regulations' of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, and in the Rules and Regulations of the Examination Board.

The Examination Committee is entrusted with the organization and coordination in conducting of examinations. Besides this, the remit of the Examination Board includes the following:

  1. application for exemptions
  2. selection of electives
  3. replacement of compulsory subjects
  4. giving permission to participate in examinations
  5. extending the validity of completed examinations
  6. giving permission for an extra (oral) exam
  7. admission to the bachelor's and master's thesis
  8. admission to pre-master's programs
  9. assessing other requests from students regarding their study
  10. preventing and penalizing fraud and plagiarism

The Examination Board has delegated some tasks to others. For example, the knowledge and skills of students will be assessed by the examiners on behalf of the Examination Board. This task is usually carried out by the teachers of a course. The Examination Board also ask for their advice regarding requests for exemption. The program coordinators usually advise the Examination Board on items under 1 to 4.

Contact information


Contact with individual members of the Examination Board is not possible.

Please mentioned your student number (SNR) in your e-mail.