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Requests for exemptions Economics and Management

In general, it is not possible to be exempted from courses that were obtained in a previous education and which formed the basis for admission to one of the programs offered by the School of Economics and Management. More specifically, exemptions are not granted on the basis of a pre-university education certificate (VWO), or a propaedeutic certificate from an HBO-institution. This same rule also applies to students who have been admitted to one of the standardized pre-Master’s or Bachelor programs where entrance to these programs was based upon your achieved academic results.


You can however apply for a course exemption if you have successfully completed a comparable course in another Bachelor or Master’s program. A request for exemption must be submitted to the Examination Board from the Tilburg School of Economics and Management via the application for exemption. Included in this request you will also need to enclose the following:

  • The results of subjects from which the exemption is being sought
  • Course description
  • A review of the studied literature.

In our assessment, consideration will be made to the relevance of the subject involved, and the time elapsed between the previous test and the current study.


Exemption requests must be submitted no later than the third week of the period in which the course is being offered. Essentially, one should follow the course until it is known that exemption has been granted. For more information on exemptions, please contact the program coordinator of your study.