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Results elections 2016

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Automatic elections

For some councils and committees there will no elections, as the number of candidates is equal to or smaller than the number of seats. The councils and committees it includes are:

  • Service Council University Services
  • Faculty Council TST Students
  • Faculty Council TST Staff
  • Divisional committee LIS
  • Divisional committee AS

The persons who have applied for candidacy will automatically be chosen as a member of the divisional commission. Below you will find a complete overview per council and divisional committee.

Service Council University Services

TiU International

  1. Dhr. W.J.H.M. van den Dungen (Maarten)
  2. Mw. L.M. van Klink (Linda)
  3. Dhr. E. Groenenberg (Edwin)
  4. Mw. L.M. Leenheer-Laurijssen (Lenie)


Mw. C.A.W. van Opdorp (Karin)

Faculty Council TST Students

  1. Eli Lama Sabachtani Dhr. S.T. Koers (Skipper)
  2. Mw. E.M. Steensma (Elisabeth)

Faculty Council TST Staff

Lijst Toke Elshof

Mw. A.J.M. Elshof (Toke)

Lijst Karim Schelkens

Dhr. K. Schelkens (Karim)

Lijst Pieper

Dhr. J.Z.T. Pieper (Jos)

Lijst van Wieringen/Bosman

  1. Dhr. A.L.H.M. van Wieringen (Archibald)
  2. Dhr. F.G. Bosman (Frank)

Divisional committee LIS

LIS Personeel

  1. Mw. M.J.H. van Veggel (Rian)
  2. Dhr. P.M.F.M. van Trier (Peter)
  3. Dhr. R. Rijsbergen (Richard)
  4. Mw. A.J.M. Goossens (Ariane)
  5. Dhr. E. Groenenberg (Edwin)

Divisional committee Academic Support

Lijst Dortu

Mw. Y.J.M.J. Dortu (Yvette)