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What to vote for?

    • University Council
    • Faculty Councils

    More information will be published online as soon as possible. All students receive an e-mail with a link to the voting application.

    Are you entitled to vote?

    An electoral roll is determined for every election. Everyone who is entitled to vote is listed on the Electoral roll. The Electoral roll is set to a specific date. For the upcoming elections (April 2018) the electoral roll is set to February 2, 2018. You may inspect the roll to see if your name is featured. The roll will be available in C 163 as of February 16th 2018. If you are entitled to vote, you may also put your name forward as a candidate for the participatory councils for which you have a right to vote. In these elections, the student and staff sections will be elected for the University Council and the Faculty Councils and (staff only) the Service Councils.

    If you were registered as a student on February 2nd 2018 you will be eligible to vote (please read the section ‘Am I entitled to vote as a student?’ for more information). Employees of the university whose contract started before February 2nd 2018, also have the right to vote in the elections. Bursary PhD candidates working at Tilburg University (e.g. CSC) without a contract with the university, are also eligible to vote as an employee.

    The Electoral roll is available for inspection at the electoral office (C 163). As of February 16th, 2018 up to and including March 3rd, 2018, you can propose changes to the electoral roll. If you find that the roll contains an error you may ask the Electoral Office to correct it. You can do so on the spot and in writing.

    Am I entitled to vote as a student?

    Every student that was registered as a student on February 2, 2018 is entitled to vote or to run as a candidate.

    Please note:

    A student with a part-time job at Tilburg University (who is not a student-assistant) is regarded as a staff member and therefore is not automatically entitled to vote as a student. The circumstances are considered separately for each council. Students with part-time jobs should therefore check to see how they are listed on the electoral roll and have a correction made to their voting rights if necessary. This is particularly important if you wish to put forward your name as a candidate for a student party.

    You can check and, if necessary correct, your registration in room C 163, until march 3rd, 2018 4.30pm. If you are a student in Utrecht, please go to Nieuwegracht 65, room 103 (NG 61-106 balie). Of course Students in Utrecht may also go to C 163 in Tilburg.

    What is the voting procedure?

    The elections are held electronically. When the elections actually start, everyone who is entitled to vote will receive an e-mail at his or her Tilburg University e-mail address. You can read this message outside Tilburg University via Webmail.

    The e-mail will contain a link to the voting application. You log in with your user name and password; then you can cast your vote. Every student who is entitled can vote for the University Council and if applicable, for their Faculty Council. You may only cast 1 vote per Council. Once you have cast your vote, you cannot change it in any way.

    As you are able to vote from any computer or device (if it runs the necessary software) with an internet connection there is no need to vote at one of the booths that student parties will set up during the elections. Although you can vote there, these booths should be considered an extra service. If you feel intimidated in any way by the candidates asking you to vote, please inform the Electoral Office’s coordinator directly: e-mail: