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Display screen tachograph: anti-RSI software

CtrlWORK: Personal Effectiveness and anti-RSI software

Want to work in a healthier way on your computer? Anti-RSI software can help.

The software tool CtrlWORK, which we provide, helps display screen workers to perform computer tasks faster, better and with less effort. CtrlWORK prevents both physical and mental exhaustion, which not only demonstrably improves the health, but also the performance of display screen workers.  CtrlWORK, taking time management principles into account, provides for an optimum work/break rhythm during your workday. All work and no play, after all, makes Jack a dull boy. By giving your concentration a boost now and then, you can perform computer tasks in a healthier and smarter way and with less effort. This software tool replaces the present display screen tachograph ‘VDU Tachograph’.

The Advantages of using CtrlWORK:

  • CtrlWORK teaches display screen workers how to use hotkeys that save time and reduce (unhealthy) use of the mouse. Hotkeys are up to 50% more efficient.
  • CtrlWORK uses time management principles for an optimum work/break ratio. Effective interventions, with e.g. time management tips, have a scientifically proven positive effect on the health and performance of display screen workers...
  • CtrlWORK gives display screen workers e-mail management tips to deal effectively with e-mail and avoid loss of time, money and energy. Display screen workers spend an average of 30-35% of their time on writing and handling e-mail; there is a lot to gain from this…
  • CtrlWORK gives strength exercises for active recovery and mental refreshment. Temporary exertion provides for better circulation, stimulates the nervous system and even more relaxation…
  • CtrlWORK makes display screen workers aware of their healthy lifestyle (BRAVO) and gives tips for a good 'work-life balance'…
  • CtrlWORK informs display screen workers about a healthy working posture and a healthy workstation. These tips help to make display screen work comfortable...
  • CtrlWORK uses personal feedback to help create awareness, which is the basis for changes in behavior...

Did you know that...

Mental fatigue has much more of an effect on the performance and health of display screen workers than physical exhaustion?
CtrlWORK uses efficient interventions and specific advice and tips for the necessary mental refreshment.

Installation of the Software

There are two ways to install the break software via the Start menu, but this depends on your computer:

  1. For new computers:
    Start > UvT Software > select CtrlWork and installation will start automatically.

  2. For older computers:
    Start > Settings > Control panel > Add/remove programs > CtrlWork > Install
    Afterwards, you just have to follow the program instructions and the program will be installed.

If you have a question about CtrlWORK, you can pose it to (Advisor Health, Safety & Environment Tilburg University).