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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) university library for students

You can order books and scans of journal articles from national and international libraries via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). To place an ILL request you need to have a personal ILL account. You can apply for an ILL-account during office hours. The processing period for a request covers two to three working days.

Application or refund

How do I know if I have an ILL account?

Students need to apply for an ILL account at the Library Support. If in doubt, please ask the staff at the Library Support to check your ILL status. You can also try and place a request in the Dutch Central Catalogue (NCC). If you see the following message 'The access to the personal services is denied'. This probably means that you do not have an ILL account.

Apply for an ILL account

You can apply for an ILL account at the Library Support. Please bring along:

You have to pay for ILL transactions. Therefore, you have to put a minimum amount of € 3 on your ILL account. You can pay the amount cash or by pin at the Library Support.

ILL account refund

Finished studying or no more need for your ILL account? Complete the ILL refund form at the Library Support and get your refund.

Balance ILL account

How do I know what the balance of my ILL account is?

In the Netherlands Central Catalogue (NCC) or the National Online Contents (Pica interface only) click on the option 'My Profile' at the top of the page. Your balance is shown under the 'deposit' tab.

How to increase my balance

You can increase your balance at the Library Support (cash or by pin).

National ILL request

First check if the publication is available in the Tilburg University collection via the Catalog (WorldCat Discovery and the A-Z Journal List.


Use WorldCat Discovery or the Dutch Central Catalogue (NCC) to request books not in the Tilburg University library collection.

Journal articles

Photo copies of journal articles can always be requested in WorldCat Discovery or the Online Contents.

Application procedure

  1. Search in the above mentioned databases for the required publication and click to the complete title presentation.

  2. Select from the menu 'borrow' for a book and 'photocopy' for an article.

  3. Fill in the required fields (if applicable) as completely as possible and do not remove any libraries from the list of candidate suppliers.

  4. Confirm your request by entering your password once more and click ' Send' at the bottom of the page.

  5. The tab 'My profile' lists your requests, address and balance.

You will be notified by mail when the book has arrived in the Tilburg University library. The loan period is usually four weeks.

International ILL request

It is possible to order books or articles from other libraries around the world. Please send an e-mail to The cost of this service is considerably higher than for ILL requests in the Netherlands. See the price list below. There are also special rules for requests from abroad:

  • A request cannot be cancelled.
  • The cost of an international request is not paid from your ILL account.
  • The cost of your request will still be charged to you, even if you fail to collect the book.
  • It can take quite some time (sometimes three months) before a book is available in Tilburg.
  • In general, books from abroad have a short lending period (two weeks). This lending period cannot be extended.
Price list
Costs national ILL request Costs international ILL request
Books € 3 € 10
Book and journal articles € 6* € 12**
* 1 - 10 pages = € 6.00. Each extra page: € 0.60

** 1 - 10 pages. Each extra page: € 1.20.

Overview of my ILL requests

After you have placed a request in the NCC or Online Contents National, click on the tab at the top of the page: My Profile. Here you can see a list of all your requests, your balance and address details.

NOTE: Do not change your password in the NCC or the Online Contents National. It will only apply to your ILL account and you will not be able to use it for any other Tilburg University log-in requirements.

Common error messages

'Access to the personal services is denied'

This means that you probably do not have an ILL account. Tilburg University staff and students need to apply for an ILL account.

'Your balance is too low'

Students: you can increase your balance at the information desk (the minimum amount is € 20).
Staff: the balance should be adjusted automatically. If however your balance is too low please notify the Library Support.

'Your login request is denied'

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