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Printers and copiers

From Thursday, March 14, Canon is going to replace the current printer park. The new printers have a clarifying instruction sticker on top, which enables you to get started quickly. The card reader is integrated in the new printers. You can continue to use your University card.

Go directly to the printing portal

New ways to top up your print credit

The Xafax system will be taken out of service at the end of March 2019 and your remaining Xafax credit will be automatically transferred to the new printing portal.

Attention! As of the end of March, you can only use your credit for printing and no longer to pay for products from the vending machines and you will need to use your debit card to buy these products.

For now, you can still access your e-wallet via MyNetPay to top up your credit or request a refund.

New ways to print, copy or scan

To print from your own laptop you can use the new TiU Internet Printer. You can install this printer when you log in to the new print portal. When you log in to this portal you can also:

  • top up your print credit online, e.g. using iDEAL
  • choose automatic top-up, to make sure you will always have enough print credit
  • request a refund of your remaining print credit

Want to print from a study place? Then choose the new TiU Printer. This printer is going to be installed automatically on every study place. Note: you will have to select this printer manually in your printer menu.

For more information about the new ways to print, copy or scan, please visit the databank.



Each printer is provided with an error card, which clearly states how you can get in touch to report errors.

Contact Canon

phone: 073-6815771


Since the changes only take place mid-March - start of April, below the information about the current situation:

There are 21 multi functional printers (MFP) on campus. With these printers you can print, copy or scan documents in black and white or color. You can send a print job from a student desktop, your own notebook on campus and from your own notebook/PC off campus. You sign up at a printer using your Tilburg University card and pay with your e-wallet.

Print, copy, scan and pay

Go to the nearest MFP and enter your Tilburg University card. When a pass is offered for the first time you must connect your pass to your user name (for this you can follow the instructions on the printer screen). You can connect only one card per account.

  • For printing all your print jobs are selected by default. Select print and press the green button to confirm the depreciable amount and print your documents.
  • To copy you’ll first need to make the proper settings on the display of the printer. Consequently you must press the green button to confirm your copy job. When the copy job has finished the printer will ask you to withdraw the depreciable amount from your e-wallet. If you neglect this, you cannot copy until you pay the amount due.
  • For scanning you must place the file on the document glass, choose scan and send on the right on the printer display. Select and press on the start button when the green light lits. Your file is scanned, when you have scanned all your files select Start sending. Your scans will be sent to your e-mail. Don't forget to log out!
  • It is possible to declare documents that have not been printed out correctly. Follow the next steps:

Send a print job

Choose the print option within the program (Word, Excel etc.). Subsequently choose to print black and white or color by selecting the right printer and click ok. Your print job will then be processed according to the standard settings. If you wish to adjust the standard settings, you can choose properties (in the print menu). You can collect your print job at any student printer on campus. To print from your own notebook it is required to install printer drivers. Check the installation manual for more information about installing the drivers.

Print from your own notebook on campus

Make sure you are connected to eduroam. Go to the installation manual for printer drivers.
Printing your job can be done in the same way as from a student desktop on campus. See the Windows 7 manual or the Windows 8/10 manual for how to do this.

Print from home

If you want to send a print job from your home PC or notebook to the printers on campus, you need to download the printer installler, check the installation manual.
Printing your job can be done in the same way as from a student desktop on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions on printing in de Self Service Portal IT.

Printer manuals, e.g. on how to install printers, can also be found in the Self Service Portal IT.


Report malfunctions via the Self Service Portal IT.