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What is WorldCat Discovery?

WorldCat Discovery is a search engine that searches in the collection of Tilburg University, as well as in the collections of other libraries worldwide. WorldCat Discovery provides access to more than 1.8 billion electronic, digital and physical resources.

When you find a title, you will immediately see information on the availability. You can see the number of copies, and also the sites where the copies are uploaded. When more copies are available, you can see all locations by clicking on the title.

You can limit your results to a certain period or a year

By default, you can select to show titles from the last 5, 10 or 25 years. You can also specify an exact time period.

Tilburg University only / worldwide search

By default, the engine searches all titles included in WorldCat Discovery (libraries worldwide). After you have performed a search, you can choose to show only the results for Tilburg University. Through the optionĀ  'worldwide' you can find titles that are not part of the Tilburg University collection. These titles might be available via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

By clicking on the title and description, a detailed description of the article will appear

Click on a title to get more detailed information about the publication. Open the section 'description' to see the full bibliographic information (all authors, pagination, summary, et cetera.

Searching in specialized databases

WorldCat Discovery contains a lot of information, however not everything is available through this search engine. To make sure that you find all the available (digital) material, we recommend you to look in the specialized databases.

Results sort orders

There three important sort options to select:

  • Best Match: viewing matched terms in title, author, and date.
  • Recency: viewing matched terms in title, author, and date, emphasizing recent items.
  • Library: matching terms in title, author, date, and other record details, shows results available to our library first. This is our default setting.

Additional options are available to sort by author, date, title, and in order of most held by libraries.

Saving searches

Once logged in with your Tilburg University account, you will be able save your search. Saved searches are available in your account and can be run again at a later time. This is useful to check for new titles that may be interesting to use in your theses or other publication. Please note: the page that lists the saved searches also contains the options Communication Preferences and Account Details. These options cannot be used by Tilburg University users.

Cite and export lists

You can select multiple titles on a list and export all selected titels to a reference manager (EndNote). Useful in compiling your own EndNote library, but this can also be used to send the list to other people.

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