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Web guide Legal Sources

About this web guide

  • This is a selection of qualitative, reliable and up-to-date legal law sources, chosen by the information specialist for law. This guide contains mainly public websites and databases. Sources that are only available for students and staff of Tilburg University are labeled ‘TiU’
  • Almost every database has a built-in help-function. Of some databases there is a more detailed manual available online. Instruction modules are available for a number of TiU-databases.
  • Categories per subject are:
    • Europe
    • International
    • Separate countries

Legislative procedure

  • European Union    
    • EUR-Lex
      Database containing information about the legislative process.  Follow the life cycle of a legislative proposal from the moment it is launched until the final law is adopted. A timeline gives a visual representation of the procedure. All interventions by the institutions & bodies involved in the decision‑making process are represented.
    • Legislative Observatory (OEIL)
      The  European Parliament's database for monitoring the EU decision-making process
    • European Parliament
      Website of the European Parliament with information about the legislative process
  • International        
      Database with official documents of the United Nations
  • Separate countries
    • Belgium
      • Belgiumlex
        Databank containing legislative procedure, legislation and case law (English) e
    • Germany
    • France  
      • Assemblée National
        English website of the French National Assembly (documents in French only)
      • Sénat
        English website of the French Senate (documents in French only)
    • United Kingdom
      • Parliament UK
        Website of the British parliament with English bills
      • Westlaw UK (TiU)
        Database containing English bills
    • United States  
        Website with congressional records of both House and Senate
      • United States Senate
        Website of the American Senate
      • United States House of Representatives
        Website of the American House of representatives
      • Westlaw Next (TiU)
        Database giving access to congressional records of the United  States (choose ‘Home’, next ‘Federal’ then ‘proposed & enacted legislation’, and finally ‘Congressional Bills’)


Case law