Studying and Student life

About the Scriptorium

What is it and how does it work?

The Scriptorium is the place where you can find all about writing and information skills. The website offers a wide range of tips and tricks, self-study tools, links to courses, and you can make an appointment for personal coaching for both writing and searching for information and incorporating sources into your text.

For whom?

Students in each phase of their studies can turn to the Scriptorium. For Tilburg University students, the Scriptorium services are free. By using our services early on in your studies, you avoid running into problems during a larger writing assignment, such as your Bachelor’s paper or Master’s thesis.

But the Scriptorium does more than just help students who are stuck or have a writing problem. Every author can use a critical reader and a sounding board while they are writing. The help offered to find information may also mean you can start writing sooner. In other words, do not only come by when you are stuck, but also to gain ideas and inspiration.

Use the online form to make an appointment for a tutoring session. For questions about finding literature, you can drop by during the office hours or ask your question online.

What does the Scriptorium have to offer?

  • Individual coaching to help you develop your writing skills.
  • Individual support finding sources and background reading and in case of questions about citing sources.
  • A self-study center with reference works and manuals, in Dutch and English, about writing in general and academic writing in particular.

What does the Scriptorium not do?

Coaching is meant to make you a better writer and researcher. The writing tutors do not correct your text and the information specialists do not find sources for you. The content of your paper or thesis is something you discuss with your content teacher or thesis supervisor.