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Dean of Students

For all the problems you face when studying, first contact the Dean of Students (they used to be referred to as student counselors).

Depending on the nature and the seriousness of the problem, the Dean of Students can help you with information and coaching or refer you to other staff members or authorities or certain training sessions or courses. Everything you discuss with a Dean of Students is confidential.

For what can you contact the Dean of Students?

You can contact the Dean of Students for guidance and advice on the following subjects:

Please note that you are required to report special circumstances, which (might) cause study delay, within two months at the Dean of Students.

This is important, because the Dean of Students advises the Examination Board about student requests like extra exam opportunities or postponing deadlines; advises the Executive Board about student requests for financial support or matters of enrollment, tuition fees etc.

When not to contact the Dean of Students

If a problem is strictly related to your educational program, (the context of) the subject matter or the organization of education, it is better to first contact a lecturer or an education coordinator, for example, your schedule, exemptions, exams and exam rules, resits, electives etc.

Contact Details

You can reach the Dean of Students by

  1. Mail
    Before asking a question by e-mail, first have a look at Ask Student Desk or on the website.

    Do not use this address for making an appointment. Please always mention your seven-digit student number.

  2. Consultation hours
    You can make an appointment digitally by making an appointment online. In the unlikely event that you are unable to come to the appointment, log out in time via the same link, so that there is room for someone else.

Information on the processing of personal data

The Deans of Students are

 The Deans of Students are:

  • Yvette Dortu
    Present: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

  • Mies Hezemans
    Present: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Dorine Roestenberg
    Present: Monday, Thursday and Friday
  • Femke Willekens
    Present: Monday, on Tuesday to Friday till 14.00 hrs.

Evaluation Deans of Students

  • Did you see a Dean of Students?
  • Are you satisfied (or not) about your meeting?
  • Do you have suggestions to improve the services, or other remarks? 

Please let us know by filling out this evaluation form, so we can serve you even better next time.

You can fill it out anonymously, if you wish. You need to log in however, because we only want remarks from Tilburg University students.

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