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Economics and Management

Finding your way around the campus is not always easy. Besides the lectures and tutorials, you are also confronted with the university and schools rules and procedures.

Education Support Team TiSEM

The Education Support Team TiSEM (EST TiSEM) wants to help you in finding your way around these procedures and the available information sources. Therefore, a special database is available to answer your questions: Ask-TiSEM.

The information is easily available, adapted to the level of studies you've reached and accessible at any moment. Regular updates guarantee that you always have the latest information. So if you have a question, please checkĀ Ask TiSEMĀ for the answer!

In case the answer to your question is not posted or the information is not completely clear to you, please contact the Student Service Desk. Alternatively, you can also pose your question to one of our Academic Advisors.

Other ways of tutoring